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High Touch in a High Tech World

Many people I meet have a presumption that because of my collegiate majors (physics, math and engineering) I must be the proverbial “left-brained” analyst, detached and cerebral.  They are often amazed to find that I can both inspire and be inspired in my professional life as well.  I mention this as a preface to discussing a wonderful lecture that will be posted on Pegasus Lectures’ website in the next two weeks, “High Touch in a High Tech World”, by Steven Talbot RVT, FSVU.

I have known and lectured with Steve for about 17 years and frequently observed Steve’s passion to deliver the highest quality care for his patients.  But every once in a while, something shocks you, or shakes you out of a colorless wilderness to expose “moments of truth” in life.  I use that term, “moments of truth”, because it was used so effectively in Steve’s presentation to describe “prompts” that call us to action in even the most routine environment.

In this case, I experienced such a moment in the least likely setting – while we were recording material for eCourse lectures.  Steve had flown in from Utah to record the venous portion of a vascular review eCourse.  He then presented a bonus lecture called “High Touch in a High Tech World.”  The title was certainly enigmatic, and I had not reviewed the slides for this talk.  Quite honestly, I had not given much thought what the topic would be, so I had no idea what to expect.

So here we were with all sorts of high tech equipment surrounding us – lights, video cameras and screens, mics and audio equipment, etc.

And then, Steve starts the talk.

So you might be asking, “What is so surprising?”  The topic of patient care is certainly not unique.  This lecture was much more than “just” a talk about how we deliver care.  It quickly became very special, through a gripping personal story.  As he spoke, the importance of the message ascended beyond standard lectures.  At one point, we almost had to stop filming to regain composure as the media director and I were tearing up with emotions.  I had never known the story Steve told, but it certainly gave me insight into why Steve so thoroughly engages his patients, but perhaps more importantly it forced me to see how important it is that healthcare professionals hear this too.

This lecture, releasing within two weeks, will be available FREE to all ultrasound students, instructors, sonographers, and physicians.  The message is so meaningful that we wanted it to be readily accessible to all interested healthcare professionals.   I really hope that you will take the time to view this when it is posted.

Perspective often matters, and in this case, Steve’s may help to change the habits of many viewers – which will ultimately lead to better patient care, higher quality of life, more rewarding medical professions, and perhaps, saved lives.  Who knows, maybe someone you love will one day receive better care as a result of Steve’s lecture.  And if you are like those of us who saw Steve’s presentation firsthand, you may want to keep a box of Kleenex handy.

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