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Advancing a Career in Ultrasound: The Case for Cross-Training


Harmonic_QCIn feedback from our last blog, we were asked to expand on the compelling need to cross-train in multiple ultrasound specialties in order to advance a career in the diagnostic ultrasound profession.  These requests came in two forms:

  • “I know I ‘ought to’, but do I really ‘need to’ ??? …. I want to have a life, after all.”

So with those thoughts in mind, we Continue reading

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Cross-Training and Specialization: Advancing a Career in Ultrasound


Frustrated StudentIn addition to Pegasus Lectures highest quality Registry Review, Board Preparation and CME Programs, we are often asked for “cross-training” advice.  In many cases, the initial surge of optimism for “Your Successful Career in Sonography!” has been dampened by the realities of class time, studying, credentialing exams, and everyday life.

Pegasus Lectures came into being to fulfill a need we had seen affecting a large number of aspiring ultrasound professionals: Difficulty in comprehension, specific to the underlying physics that controls ultrasound scanning technology.

FMiele_LiveEven today, we work with students who have mastered the mechanics of scanning, patient care protocol, and ultrasound device operations…but still struggle to understand the “WHY” behind ultrasound science. As was the case when you initially learned ultrasound, understanding the underlying core concepts of ultrasound physics is critical in developing advanced scanning skills. With each additional modality that you consider, knowing the specifics of transducer selection, system controls, modality specific artifacts, Doppler characteristics, etc. makes cross-training much easier and greatly enhances your ability to successfully master another ultrasound modality or to better utilize new and advanced technologies.

ColorComputer_NewFrankPegasus Lectures, therefore, developed a body of educational resources (live seminars, ExamSim programs, case studies, textbooks, and video/DVDs) to strengthen those weaknesses and support our customers’ careers.  Over this last decade, the marketplace…more specifically our faithful clients and customers…have asked for broader resources to address the demands of the “Digital Age” and support their career growth as ultrasound technology expands in newer specializations.

Based on those needs, Pegasus Lectures has built what we consider the most comprehensive selection of resources in support of the wide range of ultrasound specialties.

These currently include the following specialty areas of ultrasound:

Abdominal                  Musculoskeletal                  Phlebology

Adult Echocardiography            Midwife Sonography              RPVI

Breast                         OB/GYN                     Vascular Technology

Cardiac Hemodynamics             Pediatric Echocardiography            ASCeXAM

fork_decision_imageOver the next few blogs, we will discuss considerations of different specialties with an eye toward those professionals considering adding specialties or to those new to the field of ultrasound, just getting ready to jump into an accredited ultrasound education program.

Thoughts for consideration….

What specifics would you be most interested in exploring?

A)  Which specializations have the most open positions for “novices”?

B)  What specialties naturally complement your core ultrasound competency?

C)  What different challenges will you experience in the distinct ultrasound jobs in hospitals vs. physician practices vs. diagnostic/medical laboratories?

D)  Is there any specialty that risks job “saturation” vs. newer “in-demand” specialties?

E)  Does any specialty have better up-side compensation…and is that potential worth branching out from the most common ones?

F)  What specialization will match my lifestyle choices in terms of rural vs. suburban vs. urban residence?

These are questions we get asked on a week-to-week basis, but we welcome your feedback as this discussion unfolds.

Frank Miele, MSEE , President of Pegasus Lectures, Inc.  Frank graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a triple major in physics, mathematics, and engineering. While at Dartmouth, he was a Proctor Scholar and received citations for academic excellence in comparative literature, atomic physics and quantum mechanics, and real analysis. Frank was a research and design engineer and project leader, designing ultrasound equipment and electronics for more than ten years at Hewlett Packard Company. As a designer of ultrasound, he has lectured across the country to sonographers, physicians, engineers and students on myriad topics.

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Quick Concepts: Ergonomics

QuickConceptsSeries_Screen_FINAL (1)[It] is a great fallacy: the Wisdom of [Age]. They do not grow wise.

They grow careful.

That quotation, taken from Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms carries a deeper meaning for ultrasound/sonographic professionals insomuch as a lack of attention to Continue reading

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