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Bringing Ultrasound to Uganda with ITW (Part 13)

Monday, Tuesday –  June 6th and June 7thI must admit that I am taking the easy way out here.  I have not had time to write the last few days, so I am pilfering from Paulie’s writings (his reports to his project advisor at Cistercian School) for Monday, June 6th (with occasional parenthetical comments from me added in).

“It has been a while since I have had internet access so this is a long update.  On Monday, we returned to the first clinic (Nywangabira) to test the software my dad wrote (the software I finally got working on Sunday night).  The software is supposed to start itself at programmable time intervals, send a file, measure the speed of the transfer, log the data, and turn itself off.  I was with my dad about 90% of the time he was trying to write it.  It was a five day saga.  I am debating whether I ever will want to have to write software.  Some of the weirdest things got in the way.  The software worked well and we gathered some very useful information regarding internet bandwidth.  We went back to the Nyakatare clinic on Tuesday to gather more information with the new software.”

(BACK TO ME: The picture below shows how we spent a fair amount of time.  Me holding my head trying to figure out why things were not quite right, and Paulie looking on offering advice and nibbling on our food supply (after all he is a growing boy!).  Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day as we are going to going on a gorilla trek.)

(picture courtesy of Alec Jacobson)

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