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Bringing Ultrasound to Uganda with ITW (Part 18)

Sunday, June 12th:  Today is our last day in Bwindi.  We will meet at the hospital later today to review our findings at each of the clinics and to start developing a training plan for when we return.  Last night the group sat out by the fire, under that same majestic sky, and talked and laughed.  As our trip is coming to a close, we are thrilled at how successful it has been.  We have seen incredible poverty, but you will note that I have intentionally chosen not to focus on the poverty but on the incredible hope and “joie de vivre” that permeates this beautiful place.

After the meetings, the ITW group was challenged to a game of volleyball by the hospital staff.  We split the two games we played, winning the first and taking a loss in the second.  Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of the game was the way the local people cheered our team on.  Many people who we had just met were cheering for us over the hospital personnel.  I guess that is an apt metaphor for our time here in Uganda.  In just a very short time, these people feel more like family than acquaintances.

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