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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Why Math Matters

If you are a sonographer, whether you recognize it or not, you are in the detective business.  As much as any of the colorful characters featured on CSI, Bones, or (for you folks a few years older) Columbo, you have … Continue reading

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High Touch in a High Tech World

Many people I meet have a presumption that because of my collegiate majors (physics, math and engineering) I must be the proverbial “left-brained” analyst, detached and cerebral.  They are often amazed to find that I can both inspire and be inspired in my professional life … Continue reading

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Ultrasound Student Assessment: What Instructors Thought

Research on How to Best Select Students for Ultrasound Programs (Part 3) In the previous blog article in this series (part 1, part 2) we discussed the general approach taken for analyzing phase I results. In this article, we will explore the actual … Continue reading

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