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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Patient Care … Why We Are Here

One of our principal goals at Pegasus Lectures is to improve patient care. We take the idea of conceptual teaching related to clinical application very seriously, and believe that rote memorization and gimmicks to pass exams do a disservice to … Continue reading

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Quick Concepts: Density

Today, our Quick Concepts discussion turns to understanding Density. As with so many aspects of physical science, the superficial definition does not do justice to its full value in everyday clinical application. Most everyone ‘gets’ the raw concept. If you … Continue reading

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Quick Concepts: Incident Angle

The primary cause of most imaging artifacts is specular reflection. Specular reflection is highly angle-dependent. Because of this angle dependence, it is important to have an intuitive visualization of incident angles when scanning in ultrasound. Anyone who has played pool comes … Continue reading

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