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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Quick Concepts: Transmit vs Receive Gain – Part 1

Today’s Quick Concept discusses transmit and receive gain. Throughout this series, I have tried to keep these videos very short, not exceeding 3-4 minutes. For this topic, to adequately explain the concept would require either a longer video, or subdivision … Continue reading

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Patient Care … Why We Are Here [Part 2]

Today, DARLA MATTHEW BAS, RT, RDMS completes the chronicle of her experiences assisting Project Vietnam Foundation and jump-starting an ultrasound training program in Ho Chi Minh City. As I mentioned in Part 1, the genuine gratitude and eagerness that you … Continue reading

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Quick Concepts: How Density Affects Propagation

Continuing a discussion we opened in the last Quick Concepts installment, today we explore the relationship between density and wave propagation. Students often struggle initially with the principle that the speed of sound varies as it propagates through the body. … Continue reading

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