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Quick Concepts returns

QuickConceptsSeries_Screen_FINAL (1)In the past two years, Pegasus Lectures has released nearly 20 three-to-five minute education modules, focusing on the underlying theory and practical application of science in ultrasound. These highlight topics that we, through our years of teaching, have found to be critical in building a strong foundation in ultrasound. They are excellent tools for review or to give neophytes to the field of sonography an introduction and foundational understanding of key concepts. Most importantly for budget-conscious students, this is FREE content.

Below is a listing of each Quick Concept topic, hyperlinked to the original post.

Color Persistence          Acoustic Shadowing          Constructive Interference

Incident Angle               Density                                How Density Affects Propagation

Transmit vs. Receive Gain <Part 1  –  <Part 2                   Grating Lobes

Trapezoidal Format                       Transducer Notch & Image Orientation

Signal-to-Noise Ratio            Apparent SNR               2D/3D/4D Basics

3D/4D Acquisition Tips            Volume Imaging A-B-C Planes & the Orientation Dot

Volume Dataset Manipulations            Volume Imaging Using Z-Axis Rotations

Scheduled for release during this Spring semester are these clinically-oriented topics:

Fetal Cranial Anatomy                                                                    Acrania vs. Anencephaly

Omphalocele vs. Gastroschisis                   Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Positions                                 Portal Triad                                 Ergonomics

Frustrated Student**** For those of you focused on the task of challenging a specific Registry or Certification Exam, Pegasus Lectures offers an expanding collection of ONLINE eCOURSES – these represent your most efficient and powerful review tools, designed for today’s professional learners.

Should you have questions on how best to approach your exam preparation, our registered sonographers are pleased to provide an individual consultation to understand your circumstances and career goals, in order to recommend the resources that best fulfill your specific needs.  Please feel free to contact us at 972-564-3056 to schedule this goal assessment.   For a sample of our eCourses, visit  In addition to the free CME, these courses will familiarize you with some of the features of the Pegasus Direct Player.

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