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Back to School : Personal Inventory

learnLead_cogs_NewTextAs we mark the end of September, many of you are acclimating to a new school year, new professors, and new challenges in pursuit of career goals. Many students enter into this professional concourse more with a sense of duty than ambition or enthusiasm. But this time of year can be ideal for taking a personal inventory to assess where your studies are leading.

Whether you are in an ultrasound education program, or beginning your work in a clinical/laboratory setting it’s always prudent to harmonize your career trajectory and individual goals.  For most of you, there was an aspiration that guided you into the field of ultrasound studies.  This season can be the best time to measure whether that passion is still active and operative.


Is there an area of specialization that inspires a greater interest and fulfillment in you ?

This is not an insignificant exercise.  One of Pegasus Lectures’ most popular Free CMEs is “High Touch in a High Tech World“, presented by Steve Talbot, RVT, FSVU.  Within Steve’s presentation, he shares his personal journey in the world of healthcare, and offers insights on the different types of healthcare workers and their impact on the delivery and results of patient care.  You cannot walk away from his story without getting a sense for the passion that drives his practice.

high-touch-graphicInvesting time for an honest appraisal of why you are in a particular field of study and what you hope to achieve both personally and professionally will assure you do not go too far down a career path that is fundamentally unfulfilling to you.


“How prepared am I?”

Probably the biggest anxiety-driver for beginning and advanced students, clinicians, their mentors, and professors.  There are few emotions as consoling as knowing you are prepared for your board or credentialing exam.  At Pegasus Lectures, there is no greater joy than getting that phone call, e-mail or letter from a successful candidate sharing their excitement and relief.

However, now is the time to target and map the incremental steps necessary to ensure full preparedness for the challenge of an upcoming board exam.

The groundwork for getting to that point where confidence eclipses anxiety will be our theme in the next blog.

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