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Adaptability & Being Better


In previous blogs, we have often discussed the agility and adaptability that must accompany ongoing education in the science of ultrasound in order to advance your career in sonography. Ultrasound technology is advancing quickly, and those with a healthy intellectual curiosity or the internal urge to get ahead of the curve are rewarded…professionally and financially. We have, for example, devoted multiple blogs to the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound specialty in this past year, as it is a field that is rapidly opening up for those willing to master its intricacies.

ecourse-snipOver the past several years, Pegasus Lecture has invested heavily in expanding our DistanceLearning platform. We are thankful to release new courses at a time when sonographers, physicians, instructors and faculties are reevaluating their livelihoods, and looking for ways to navigate this unexpected public health and economic tsunami.

Embedded below is a short video detailing Pegasus DistanceLearning resources. We are actively developing specialized digital education portals and programs for colleges, instructors, institutions, vendors, and those finding it challenging to continue to provide educational programs within the constraints of the current environmental restrictions. Additionally, due to the widespread financial hardship many people and institutions are suffering, Pegasus Lectures is offering significant discounts on eCourses. Subscribe to our newsletter for first notice of our bi-weekly 30% discount on our popular eCourses. We sincerely wish to serve healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly and bravely to take care of patients as well those continuing to find new avenues by which to teach the next generation of ultrasound professionals. Please contact our offices for more details.



Good for cats; Bad for your career

Good for cats; Bad for your career

There was a cautionary phrase, more popular in the 19th and early 20th century, that one should not “rest on one’s laurels”. Its underlying meaning is simply that we should beware taking too much comfort in our past successes, as this may lead to a complacency that sets us up for failure.

You will often note the greatest athletes in any sport never seemed satisfied. Examples abound, from Tom Brady to Michael Jordan to Muhammad Ali to Larry Bird to Ted Williams …I could go on, because there are many others. The point is these individuals were not satisfied with one championship, or one MVP season. This drive to “be better” is especially relevant in the economic straits we are experiencing today. Uncertainty and anxiety abound, but these radical changes also provide avenues of growth for those willing to adapt.

This is a roundabout way to say that every industry and every individual has to take a hard look at their previous assumptions on “the best way” to do things. Within our service field, Ultrasound Registry Preparation and Continuing Medical Education, fortunately we had committed to eLearning more thoroughly than many of our competitors. Based on current events, we are accelerating these efforts and you will be seeing more of the fruits of these initiatives in the weeks and months to come.

Frank Miele, MSEE , President of Pegasus Lectures, Inc.  Frank graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a triple major in physics, mathematics, and engineering. While at Dartmouth, he was a Proctor Scholar and received citations for academic excellence in comparative literature, atomic physics and quantum mechanics, and real analysis. Frank was a research and design engineer and project leader, designing ultrasound equipment and electronics for more than ten years at Hewlett Packard Company. As a designer of ultrasound, he has lectured across the country to sonographers, physicians, engineers and students on myriad topics.

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