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Trends in Medical Ultrasound: Fetal Echocardiography

TRENDS IN MEDICAL ULTRASOUND: FETAL ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY We have written previously about trends in ultrasound technology, often focusing on the impact for career-minded professionals.  The potential for ultrasound in the field of medicine as a “window into the body” has advanced … Continue reading

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Distance-Learners Ask….

DISTANCE-LEARNERS ASK…. [With the extenuating circumstances of the past year, Pegasus Lectures has received multiple questions as to best practices for distance-learners preparing for their registry exams.  The following is a sampling of the most frequently-asked questions:] IF I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING TO PREPARE FOR A REGISTRY EXAM, SHOULDN\\\’T I … Continue reading

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Adaptability & Being Better

ADAPTABILITY AND BEING BETTER In previous blogs, we have often discussed the agility and adaptability that must accompany ongoing education in the science of ultrasound in order to advance your career in sonography. Ultrasound technology is advancing quickly, and those … Continue reading

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