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Quick Concepts: Acrania vs. Anencephaly

Within protocols for non-invasive prenatal assessment, ultrasound scanning is now considered essential to track normal and potentially abnormal fetal development.  Scanning in the 1st trimester generally involves

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Quick Concepts: Fetal Cranial Anatomy

Fetal cranial structures are a bit intimidating to assess if you are not familiar with their sonographic appearance, especially in evaluating fetuses in the 2nd trimester, when structures are very, very small with the cranial diameter ranging from 2cm to … Continue reading

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New Paradigms for Ultrasound: Alzheimer’s Disease

NEW PARADIGMS FOR ULTRASOUND: ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE Last month, I wrote a guest-blog based on my learning experience attending a program studying neuropsychiatry at Harvard last summer.  Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and support many of you have … Continue reading

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