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Distance-Learners Ask….

DISTANCE-LEARNERS ASK…. [With the extenuating circumstances of the past year, Pegasus Lectures has received multiple questions as to best practices for distance-learners preparing for their registry exams.  The following is a sampling of the most frequently-asked questions:] IF I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING TO PREPARE FOR A REGISTRY EXAM, SHOULDN\\\’T I … Continue reading

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The Rapid Remaking of Online Learning

THE RAPID REMAKING OF ONLINE LEARNING How we approach change and difficulty often defines us. I say this as a preface for a short quote adapted from Benjamin Franklin: ADVERSITY BREEDS INNOVATION As any sonographer will confirm, where you place … Continue reading

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Semi- Interactive (and partially confusing) Console Questions

SEMI-INTERACTIVE (and partially confusing) CONSOLE QUESTIONS Earlier this year, I discussed a statistical analysis Pegasus Lectures performed, based on anonymized practice-exams collected from individuals and institutions over the past decade.  Of keen interest to students, college instructors and program directors … Continue reading

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