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Quick Concepts returns

In the past two years, Pegasus Lectures has released nearly 20 three-to-five minute education modules, focusing on the underlying theory and practical application of science in ultrasound. These highlight topics that we, through our years of teaching, have found

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Advances in Phlebology eLearning

It was our privilege to contribute an article for Vein Magazine (v. 8  iss. 3) for publication this past month.  The profile featured a background story behind the development of our newest e-Course: Fundamentals of Phlebology [in Ultrasound]: Phase 1. … Continue reading

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CREDENTIALING EXAMS: How much math will you need to know?

Many people in the field of ultrasound will state there is very little mathematics on the board exams. I do not agree. I think this disparity in opinion stems from the very narrow definition of mathematics as numerical calculations. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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