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Test-Taking Evaluation: How do I approach problem-solving?

In our last blog, we discussed how conducting a periodic personal inventory, whether for your life or career trajectory, is a worthwhile exercise.  Specific to the experience of aspiring ultrasound professionals, much of your angst

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CREDENTIALING EXAMS: How much math will you need to know?

Many people in the field of ultrasound will state there is very little mathematics on the board exams. I do not agree. I think this disparity in opinion stems from the very narrow definition of mathematics as numerical calculations. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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How do I integrate an Online Registry Review program with an upcoming credentialing exam?

In the last blog, I opened a comparative discussion on Live vs. Online Registry Review preparatory strategies.  The feedback we received was very gratifying, and welcome. Pegasus Lectures has never believed that “one size fits all”, especially with something so … Continue reading

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