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A Statistical Look at What Students Do and Don’t Know

A STATISTICAL LOOK AT WHAT STUDENTS DO AND DON’T KNOW (follow-up to LEARNING FROM ‘FAILURE’ … ? ) Discussing statistics will generally glaze over more eyes than Krispy Kreme glazes donuts, and is unquestionably less sweet, but it has been a … Continue reading

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Advancing a Career in Ultrasound: The Case for Cross-Training

ADVANCING A CAREER IN ULTRASOUND: THE CASE FOR CROSS-TRAINING In feedback from our last blog, we were asked to expand on the compelling need to cross-train in multiple ultrasound specialties in order to advance a career in the diagnostic ultrasound profession.  These requests came in … Continue reading

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Cross-Training and Specialization: Advancing a Career in Ultrasound

CROSS-TRAINING and SPECIALIZATION: ADVANCING a CAREER in ULTRASOUND In addition to Pegasus Lectures highest quality Registry Review, Board Preparation and CME Programs, we are often asked for “cross-training” advice.  In many cases, the initial surge of optimism for “Your Successful … Continue reading

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