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Ultrasound Registry Preparation and Continuing Medical Education


Ultrasound Registry Preparation and Continuing Medical Education
Pegasus Lectures, Inc. provides the very best in ultrasound continuing medical education for physicians, practicing sonographers and beginning students of sonography. Our seminars and educational materials are comprehensive, easy to understand, and correlated to the work you do on a daily basis. You will be learning the “how and why” of ultrasound from master educators and leading researchers in the field.

Founded in 1992 by Frank Miele, Pegasus Lectures specializes in credentialing exam preparation and continuing medical education for ultrasound professionals. Frank Miele's unique style of teaching through conceptual learning and clinical application is key to Pegasus' success rate in assisting ultrasound professionals become credentialed. Pegasus students have consistently achieved greater than a 90% pass rate every year since inception in 1992, statistics that are unparalleled in the industry. Pegasus physics and specialty seminars are designed to teach you the material in the easiest and most straightforward way possible. Our seminars avoid gimmicks and are geared towards really teaching you the material so that no matter how a test question is posed, you can think your way to an answer. Pegasus products facilitate focused, targeted studying to efficiently maximize your preparation time.

The Pegasus Pass Guarantee is proof of the quality of our seminars. We are so confident in the quality of our seminars that we offer a free, unlimited return to your registry eCourse if you do not pass your credentialing exam. Our students pass or return for free.

We hope that we have the opportunity to assist you in your CME needs or credentialing exam preparation. Please call our office at 972.564.3056 or email to with any questions.

A note from Frank......
I love physics and appreciate teaching even more. I enjoy changing people's perception of physics from incomprehensible garble to interesting and tangible principles. I think for many people, physics is just like the Pegasus - mystical, mythical, and intangible. To me, physics is like a beautiful horse that can fly. I look forward to working with you and sincerely wish for your success.