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Take the mystery out of semi-interactive console items with the
Mastering SIC Questions program!


SIC Question Program Features

Pegasus Lectures’ SIC Questions program has been created to familiarize sonographers and technologists with the functions of system controls for image optimization and to better prepare registry candidates for the advanced item type semi-interactive console (SIC) questions.

Featured Sections:

  • Strategies
  • Test Mode
  • Review Mode:
    > Question Review
    > Theory Review
Strategies Section:
This section presents the theory of SIC questions and introduces a disciplined approach to analyzing SIC questions and determining the best method to approach each individual question. Helpful hints are introduced on best practices in answering this advanced, interactive question type.

Test Mode:
The SIC practice questions assess knowledge of and appropriate application of ultrasound physics and knobology in a case settng, in a format similar to that of the actual credentialing exam. This program contains three mini exams dedicated to SIC-type questions exclusively. In test mode, the controls do not affect the presented ultrasound image so as to mimic what a student experiences when encountered with this type of question on an actual credentialing exam.

Review Mode:
Question Review creates an effective teaching tool, where each question becomes fully interactive. When a control that is applicable to the question is adjusted, the ultrasound image reflects the changes as you would find in a clinical settng.

Theory Review further enhances the learning experience. In this mode, a video explanation details how to best analyze the question before selecting an answer and also teaches the underlying physics concept presented. A report indicates your score, including partial credit for answers that are partially correct but not ideal.

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