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New Release!
Pegasus Lectures’ ASCeXAM Simulation Program



Pegasus Lectures’ ExamSim programs utilize a Patented Intelligent Analysis Algorithm to determine your level of exam preparedness for your credentialing or board exam.


The Pegasus ASCeXAM Simulation program was created to streamline the process of preparing for the ASCeXAM. This patented program begins by identifying areas of content weakness by topic and subtopic and remediating through the comprehensive review section.

During the practice exam(s), every keystroke is tracked, providing valuable information as to the individual’s test-taking behavior, identifying habits and analyzing why the participant gets questions wrong. Much more than a practice exam in electronic format, the Pegasus ASCeXAM allows you to maximize your limited study time and improve your score in the most efficient method offered.

Intro: Test-Taking Strategies The ASCeXAM Simulation program begins with an interactive test-taking strategies section. This segment introduces techniques to optimize your score on multiple-choice examinations and concludes with mock questions so the participant can implement the techniques just learned.

Exam Blocks Designed to familiarize the participant with the actual ASCeXAM format and to improve the ability to focus during a five hour exam, this section consists of two full-length exams (5 hrs max) formatted into ​five blocks.

Block 1: ​Exam Section
■ ​54​ min max
■ ​42 questions

​​Block 2: Exam Section
■ ​54​ min max
■ ​42​ questions

Block 3: Exam Section
■ ​54​ min max
■ ​42​ questions
Block 4: Exam Section
■ ​54​ min max
■ ​42​ questions

Block 5: ​Case-based ​Exam Section
■ ​64​ min max
■ 1​6+​ Cases with 5​5+​ questions

Break Time
■ 45 min max
■ Used between blocks

Patented Analysis
■ Overall Analysis by Topic
■ Section Analysis by Topic
■ Section Performance by Subtopic
■ Impact on Score of Changing Responses
■ Incorrect Responses by Question Types
■ Comparison Graph of Completed Exams
■ Comparison Graph of Exam Results by Topic
■ Customize Report by Selected Topic
■ Time per Topic

■ Compare participant’s answer with correct answer
■ Comprehensive Explanation
■ Test and Review Mode Options
■ Unlimited Review Access (no date limitation)


In her PhD Dissertation, Michelle Wilson, EdD, RDMS, RDCS, utilized the patented Pegasus Lectures’ ExamSim Program to determine the impact on exam candidates scores after using this patented technology.

The Impact of Formative Computer-Based Testing on Learners’ Anxiety and Performance on a National Certification Examination

■ Treatment group scored significantly higher (M = 627.55) on the ARDMS exam than the control group (M = 605.46).
■ Time spent on software and software scores accounted for 37.6% of the variance in ARDMS scores.
■ Anxiety was statistically significantly reduced, t(46) = 2.89, p = .006

Mastery of content is vital in successfully challenging any credentialing or certification exam, but of equal importance is your ability to function well in a test-taking environment. The Pegasus Lectures’ ExamSim Programs assesses not only your specific areas of subject weakness but also provides methods by which to reduce test anxiety.

Prepare with confidence!

** This program is designed to operate on computer and laptop platforms (PC and MAC).

** Not compatible with iPad



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