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eCourse: Modules 1 through 13 - Complete Pediatric Echo eCourse

This online eCourse is designed to cover the content tested on the ARDMS Pediatric Echo specialty exam. The streaming video lecture is divided into 14 modules and is taught by Richard A. Humes, MD, a world reknown speaker. The course covers the following topics: Statistics and the Cardiac Cycle, Assessment of Function, Embryology, Fetal Circulation, Hemodynamics, Congenital Shunts, Obstructive Lesions, Aortic Arch and Great Vessels, Conotruncal Abnormalities, Single Ventricle, Other Congenital Lesions, Post-operative Congenital Heart Disease, Acquired Pediatric Heart Disease, and Special Procedures. The unique Pegasus online delivery platform allows you to customize your presentation, view modules at your convenience, print notes and even book mark topics to create your own focused review session.

Pegasus Lectures eCourses Offer

Flexible Viewing: We understand that sometimes finding even an hour a night to study may prove challenging. Each eCourse is organized into one-to two-hour modules so you can choose to view the eCourse according to your schedule and your timetable. Our system allows you to start and stop each online module as you wish. If you are interrupted, our system allows you to exit and resume viewing at your convenience.

Dual video streaming: Our unique, innovative delivery platform includes dual streaming video screens to maximize interactivity. You will see one video screen of the lecturer with a second video screen of the lecturer's presentation.

Customizable Viewing Format: As an attendee, you will be able to choose from two different viewing formats to fit your preference. Interactive questions: Pop-up questions throughout the eCourse allow you to assess your comprehension of the material.

Viewable Playlist: The eCourse modules are detailed by time and topic making it easy for you to follow the material and review specific segments. At a glance, you can track your progress through the course. Review Segment: Create your own customized review segment! Fine-tune your preparation by bookmarking topics of particular interest and creating your own personalized review program.

eCourse Materials: A purchase of a complete Pegasus eCourse includes printed course materials.

Note-taking: Our note-taking feature adds convenience. Highlight key concepts and print when you are ready.

Course length: Initial viewing of core concepts is 12 hours with an additional, optional 9 hours of customized review.

Pegasus Pass Guarantee: All of the Pegasus eCourses come with the unlimited Pegasus Pass Guarantee. This offer is unparalleled in the ultrasound education community!

Richard A. Humes, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Director of Cardiology: Children's Hospital of Michigan

Who Should Attend

  • Sonographers planning on sitting for the ARDMS Pediatric Echocardiography Registry
  • Physicians planning on sitting for the ASCeXAM, needing a thorough refresher on congenital disease
  • Sonographers seeking CME
  • Any healthcare professional desiring to improve their knowledge of pediatric congenital heart disease
Course Material Provided With Registration:
Spiral-bound Workbook for convenient note-taking (430 pages) (shipping charges will apply)


**Note: If you are a MAC user, you will need to view this program on the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.**

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Spiral bound Workbook for convenient note-taking 430 Pages:
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VIP: $250.00
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